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Brevard VMC Traveling Trunk Program

Bringing History to Life


The BVMC Military Museum offers a Traveling Trunk Program to help bring history to life in schools, libraries, other museums, or youth groups.

Each trunk focuses on a specific war and contains an assortment of items—original or reproduction—that would have been commonly used by soldiers during that time in our nation’s history.

The contents of these trunks can be used for research, exhibition, or as a hands-on educational resource that piques student interest in history by engaging them in object-based learning.

Users are encouraged to contact local veterans or veterans organizations if they would like to add a human perspective to the artifacts in the trunks.

Trunks are available for the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. 




Ed Pingston


Reserving a Traveling Trunk

  • Review the procedures and FAQs
  • Reserve a trunk via email
  • Pick up the trunk from the museum
  • Return the trunk and complete a short survey

Reservation FAQs


“There was a great mix of equipment and uniforms which gave students a wonderful opportunity to see the things soldiers used.”