Veterans Memorial Center, Inc.

Brevard County, Florida

Veterans Services

The Center is much more than buildings with a museum, plaza, library and new park. Home of DAV Post 123 with its 17 volunteers who help more than 4200 veterans and their families every year with questions about VA health Care, benefits, survivor benefits, etc. It also administers a small but active relief fund for veterans in dire need who cannot get direct support from the VA or other agencies when they need it most. Most veterans repay that fund when they can once they receive other support.  In addition, any veteran, anytime we are open can visit to remember his or her service and to talk with other veterans. Ten Brevard veteran organizations meet at the Center every month so for many, many veterans the VMC is much more than a building.

The organizations which use the VMC and support veterans in many ways are listed below and elsewhere. The first of these is the Kennedy Space Center which is accessed below. To learn more about the other organizations see our Useful Links page. For additional veteran links click here.


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